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Cooling vest for Santa Claus

Cooling vest for Santa Claus
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For those Santa's that sweat a lot or are under hot lights.

This will keep you cool, but not too cold!

This will not cause the heat stress related issues or moisture condensation problems you may have heard about when using 32 degree "blue ice" vests.

Fully adjustable (Two Velcro adjusters on each side - for belly and lower chest adjustments, and two on each shoulder - for vest length / height adjustment) and very comfortable.

We personally tested it.  We rode around the city on a hot motorcycle in 100 degree weather (95% humidity) wearing this product under our heaviest thickest Santa Suit.  While we got warm, it kept us very comfortable.

Maintains a constant temperature of 58F/14C  NOT a frigid 32F/0C.


  • Durable, Mechanically sealed, Safe, Non-toxic Phase Change Liquid Inserts.
  • Reusable 1000s of times
  • Does not require airflow- can be worn under clothing
  • Durable 100% Cotton garment
  • YKK brand front zipper closure.  All other hardware is industrial grade.
  • Side and Shoulder size Velcro adjustments for a custom fit.  Velcro is wide and military / industrial grade.
  • Washable and Lightweight
  • This item is made to the same specifications as the cooling vests constructed for S.W.A.T teams, Firefighters, and Steelworkers.

Each vest is sold with 1 complete set of 4 phase change inserts and an insulated carry bag.

Cooling energy is created from a unique phase change liquid mechanically sealed in durable inserts. After freezing the inserts in ice water or a refrigerator, cooling phase change vests deliver a constant temperature of 58F/14C for 3 hours instead of warming throughout wearing. These vests are ideal for wearing under airtight suits.

Do NOT confuse this with cheap inefficient "blue ice" cooling vests that start warming up the moment you put them on.

Unlike inferior frozen water or gel products, our phase change vests maintains a consistent temperature of 58F/14C and expels energy at a constant temperature during its transition from a solid to a liquid. This ensures that the user receives a constant, cooling temperature throughout the entire 3 hour period.

This same vest sells for $290 in retail stores.

To ensure a proper fit, measure your chest using a tape measure.  The sizing is true to a tape measure.

**** Please click on the detailed images (above where it says "click to zoom") to see more high resolution pictures, details on sizes, and how large this actually can go.

The belly can be let out even wider by extending the side Velcro further.

Since the construction is essentially a "front" and a "back", the side Velcro can be added to by the user (extended) or even left undone to allow for even larger Santa Clauses.

If you are unsure about sizing, please measure yourself with an actual tape measure and then contact us.


  • The Medium / Large will comfortably (with room to let out) fit up to a 48 inch chest / belly.
  • The Large / XL will comfortably (with room to let out) fit up to a 56 inch chest / belly.
  • The XXL will comfortably (with room to let out) fit up to a 62 inch chest / belly.

Please remember that all humans are not "uniform" in size, and some are more "lumpy" than others.  Our measurements are based on a "standard" person - just like the person in the picture.

If you are "unusual" or "lumpier" than most, please take measurements in more places and then contact us.   We will make sure it will fit you before you buy it.

If you would like to obtain extra cold inserts, then check out the link below in "related products".  You can simply replace the cooling inserts in the vest with freshly cold ones while the others get cold again.  

See "related products" tab below for a link to replacement / extra inserts.


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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Bud
    i wore this under my suit during a parade. i am in FL. I have a velvet suit, so I am already trying to keep cool, but it can still get pretty hot during some of our parades. Riding on a firetruck gets hot and waving gets tiring. This makes the effort easier. I felt much better and did not overheat using it.
  • Author: Santa Dave
    i like this item because it does not "freeze" you, but simply cools you. I suggest any old fat guys like me get one.
  • Author: Santa Marty
    I cannot last very long without this item. It fits me really well due to the adjusters and I love how it cools me down on hot days when i am wearing a plush suit. I am a 54 inch chest "big" guy that SWEATS! I obviously look like Santa Claus, but Santa Claus doesn't look very good when he is drenched in sweat. This item makes me look good, and keeps me cool under pressure.
  • Author: John
    I am a large dude who will melt whenever it gets over 75 degrees. I hate feeling sweaty and wet. This item makes me feel great, and look good too (since I am not dripping with sweat.). I bought the XL one since it is Santa sized. I actually like to leave the side velcro adjusters open since this allows for more air flow between the skin and the suit. I could close it, but this method works for me. The refreezing process is easy - just put it in the fridge, not the freezer, but the fridge, which means I can actually put it outside or leave it in the trunk of the car to recharge it on the way to the next gig.
  • Author: Santa Al
    I heard about some Santas who use this cooling vest. I wasn't sure if I would like it. boy did I love it. Don't hesitate, get this cooling vest. You won't regret it.
  • Author: Gary
    This vest works much better than the old one I had. The old one was the picnic cooler type of ice. It was wet and nasty. This one is cool and does not get wet. highly reccomend.