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Top of the line Santa Suit

There is no better suit!

Premium Quality Velvet Santa Suit

Great Quality Red Velvet Suit with Luxurious White long hair plus trim.

Classic Velvet Santa Suit with brass colored buttons

Brand new, our original classically desgined look.

Velvet Santa Suit with Overalls

Top quality velvet suit with long-hair plush fur trim

Separate Velvet Overalls

Just Santa's Overalls

Velvet Santa Claus Vest with Gold Metal Buttons

Finally!  A "Santa sized" vest in velvet.  This matches our other velvet suits.

Burgundy Deluxe Santa Suit with Outside Pockets

Beautiful Burgundy Pile plush.

Special Velvet Santa Suit costume

Deluxe quality velvet suit

Professional Quality Plush Santa Suit

Beautiful Deluxe Red Pile plush trimmed with luxurious white long hair plush trim and completely satin lined.

Good Quality Plush Santa Suit costume

Deluxe Red Velvet Santa Suit

Good Quality Velveteen Santa Claus Suit

Made of deep red Velveteen with white long-hair plush fur trim.

Rental Quality Suit

Deluxe Pile Plush with Deluxe white pile plush trim.

10 Piece Complete Duvetyne Santa Suit Set

Everything you need to play Santa!

10 Piece Complete Plush Santa Suit Set

Everything you need to play Santa!

10 Piece Complete Velveteen Santa Suit Set

Everything you need to play Santa!

Deluxe Old-Fashioned Long Santa Suit

Deluxe Red Plush Old Fashioned Suit trimmed in White Plush Fur.

Father Christmas Robe Costume

Red ponte' knit robe.

Great Quality Kris Kringle Santa costume

The Kris Kringle Costume is a red ponte knit gown.

Quantity Out of stock
Old Fashioned Father Christmas Santa Suit

Unique style Father Christmas Santa suit - Professional quality

Professional Quality Father Christmas Santa Suit

Professional quality unique Father Christmas with attached cape

Victorian Cape and Tunic Set

Velvet cape and capelet with long hair fur & gold trim.

Quantity Out of stock
Bar Crawl Special Discount Santa Suit

Great Quality Discount Santa Suit 

Saloon Santa for Bar Crawls

Saloon Santa is perfect for a "classier" Bar Crawl Santa

Deluxe bar crawl Santa suit

Deluxe larger sized bar crawl Santa suit!-  Available in LARGE and EXTRA LARGE!

Child's Santa Suit

Made specially for Child Santa's

Economy Chlld's Santa Suit

An Economy Version, Made specially for Child Santa's

Summer Claus Suit

Microfiber Santa Suit with short pants

Quantity Out of stock
Custom Alterations to Our Santa Suits

We can alter your standard suit and sometimes add trim or other features.