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Wide Top Santa Claus Boots

Wide Top Santa Claus Boots

We are the Original manufacturer of Wide-Top Santa Boots - Don't accept knock-offs.

We have gone and done it again - We improved the boot again.

New features:

  • Even heavier and uses more "leather like" materials.
  • Improved Fur attachment - fur is fully sewn down around the top.
  • Heavier duty zipper and pull.
  • Improved sole for greater comfort and traction.
  • Provided in a heavier shoe box to protect your boots.

Made of black quality Poly Urethane.

This boot has a heavy duty side zipper, wide flairs with a premium grade white long-hair cuff to match our Premium suits.

Now Santa can finally comfortably tuck his pants into his boots like he wants to!

Polyurethane is a thicker, more durable, nicer looking (more "leather like") material that will wear better and is more scuff resistant.  The color is deeper into the product and not just painted on the surface.

We get these boots custom made specially for us in one of the largest shoe factories in the world. Nobody else carries this boot...  No retailers, No online stores... Period.

All the other Santa boots offered are made of Polyvinyl.   They say that they are made out of Polyurethane, but it is really a thinly printed Polyvinyl.  Polyvinyl will easily scuff and peel after even one wearing.  We know this because we carried the industry standard Polyvinyl boot for 5 years and got tired of providing an inferior product to our customers.  (The newer wide top knock-offs are not properly proportioned and are shorter.)  At the time the other boot was the best thing out there.  We decided we could make a better boot, so we did!

This is an great upgrade to the other boots out there... and an even better upgrade to spats!

These are costume boots, so they are obviously not the same grade as expensive leather boots. But they are pretty close.

The color will not easily scuff off like Polyvinyl


We used to sell the same boots as the other companies, but have decided to create our own boots with feature upgrades and lower price.  The difference is obvious.

 • The calfs are wider than many of the other boots you will see sold on the internet. They not a standard boot with fur on the top, but a custom designed wide topped boot with fur on top... they fit Santa!  Standard calf measurements (see below for details) on our new custom designed boots are much larger than the other boots you find sold on the internet which ONLY measure 16 inches at the top!  Most Santas have a hard time tucking their pants in with a boot that is only 16 inches around at the top.

• Our boot is made of a heavy gauge Polyurethane that wears better than thinly printed polyvinyl that will peel.  Polyvinyl allows the black to scuff off if you bump against anything.

• Our soles are a heavier grade. They are more comfortable and wear better.

• Our boots have a foam backed interior lining for comfort.

• Our boots are not only wider at the top where you tuck your Santa suit in, but run wider all the way down to your ankles. This allows for even more comfort and ease of pulling on and off.

• The fur is a nicer grade and matches the professional suits.

Our Small boot measures 21 inches around (inside circumference) at the top, Medium measures 22 1/2 inches, Large 23 inches, and XL 23 3/4 inches.

If you place a ruler next to the boot at the middle of the heel, you will measure 17 1/2 inches to the top of the fur on the Small.   Medium measures 18 inches.  Large measures 18 1/2 inches, and XL measures 19 inches from the heel to the top of the fur.

We suggest you go larger than normal if you are on the edge of a size.  You can always wear heavier socks, and loose boots are more comfortable than tight boots.

We do not offer a wide version of our boots.

We Offer Standard Width Men's Shoe Sizes:  

Small: 8-9
Medium: 10-11

Large: 12-13
XL: 14
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