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3 Piece Professional Lace Backed Yak Santa Beard Set

3 Piece Professional Lace Backed Yak Santa Beard Set

This is a movie grade beard set.

The beard is hand-knotted Yak hair attached to a fine mesh lace backing.

This beard will move with your mouth and look extremely realistic even up close.

Yak hair give it the texture to feel and look realistic.

Yak hair is only used on the very highest quality beards and wigs.


You can see the lace mesh in the picture, however it will dissapear when used correctly.

  • Trim the lace back close to the beard in a way that it will fit your face correctly.  The reason extra lace is provided, is to allow the wearer to customize the beard to their specific face and chin shape.
  • Apply using spirit gum in order to make the lace become invisible.  See the spirit gum product page on instructions how to use spirit gum properly.  Link in related products below.
  • Style the beard on your face to any look you desire, so that it looks realistic by using hair spray and mustache wax.
  • Clean using spirit gum remover and occasionally with shampoo as needed.

If cared for properly (cleaned, styled, and put away properly) this beard set will last for several hundred wearings.

There are 3 parts to this beard set.

  1. Beard that attaches to the jawline and hangs lower just like a natural beard."
  2. "Soul patch" that fills in the area just below the lower lip for a more natural shaped look.
  3. Mustache that adheres to the upper lip and moves naturally when you talk or move your mouth.

Beard set is shown as it comes out of the box without any styling at all.

It will look substantially better once properly adhered to a face instead of being pinned to a wig head.

The next level up from this set is a $650 or more custom made set.


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