» Santa School » Santa And The Business Of Being Santa: A Santa Training Guide (Volume 1)

Santa And The Business Of Being Santa: A Santa Training Guide (Volume 1)

Santa And The Business Of Being Santa: A Santa Training Guide (Volume 1)

Learn how to portray Santa Claus or take your current performance to the next level!

This book is one of best textbooks for learning all the "ins and outs" of being Santa Claus.

In this book you will learn about the things you should know as an independent entertainer contractor. 

With it you will avoid many of the common to new people coming into this industry.

The book is perfect for the new Santa Claus, and even experienced Santa Clauses will learn a few important things.

You will also find some of the history behind the character that is Santa, some of the traditions and forces that help shape the Santa image.

The book will cover history, business, and tips for those that are doing this job and performance.

A few examples:

  • The evolution of the Santa Claus image
  • The future of being Santa
  • What separates a "hobby" Santa from a professional Santa
  • Being a performer
  • Negotiating your performances
  • Setting your fees
  • How agencies work.
  • How to stay employed as Santa Claus
  • Gaining experience
  • What Santa can do for the rest of the year
  • Insurance
  • Ethics in relation to Santa Claus
  • Santa paying taxes
  • How Santa is magical
  • Profitable activities
  • Make up and grooming
  • Image enhancement
  • How to talk with children
  • Storytelling
  • The origins of Santa Claus & traditions
  • Treats and hand outs
  • Elves, Mrs. Claus and helpers
  • International Sana Claus
  • Personal encounters and stories


About the author:

Santa Gordon Bailey was born on March 10, 1955.  He has worked in retail and management positions all of his life.

Santa Gordon first portrayed Santa when he was in second grade, and since then has portrayed the roles of a Magician, Wizard, Clown, Ogre, Tooth Fairy, Balloon twister, and face and body painter.

He has been a member of Magic Castle #9002, a member of AORBS till 2008, FORBS through 2012, IRBS til present. In additiona, he is a member of Nationwide Santas #R1.

Gordon lectures on and teaches subjects pertaining to a variety of subjects in the entertainment industry.



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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Papa Claus
    This is THE book that all good performers need. This is a business for some of us, and thus really helped me get started. It also kept me out of trouble more than a few times when it comes to contracts and things like that.