Shipping cost increases 2022

All of the shipping companies substantially increased their pricing to everyone in 2022.  We are not happy about this.  Anyone who ships a box can see this troubling trend.  

All shipping companies are tacking on new fees that did not exist in the past years.  They have extra charges for "gas pricing", "local delivery", "residential delivery", "dimensional package", "large packages", "package tracking requests", "handling", "address corrections", "address redirection", "delivery areas", "rural areas", "delivery re-attempts", "out of delivery area", "metro area deliveries", "re-weighing charge", and so many more.  Some of these charges don't even make sense and we don't know if they will be applied and charged to us until after the package is delivered.  

We do not make any money on shipping costs.  We don't even cover our costs.  We lose money on shipping.

Our system communicates with the shipping company, and gives us a cost for shipping the products to your specific address.  We only charge the amount they estimate which is usually lower than they end up billing us. 

We do not hide our shipping costs in the price of our products and then offer "Free shipping".  There is no such thing as "free" shipping.  Companies that offer free shipping are simply hiding the shipping cost in the product prices.

We are transparent with our product pricing, and only charge you what it costs to ship to your specific address.

Christmas 2022

When do I have to order by to get things for Christmas (arrive by 12/21/22) for US destinations? 

Using ground shipping, you need to order by Noon (EST) on December 16th on the east coast, or December 13th on the west coast. 

Using 3 day shipping, you need to order by Noon (EST) on December 16th.  

Using 2 day shipping, you need to order by Noon (EST) on December 19th.  

Using next day shipping, you need to order by Noon (EST) on December 20th. 

What Shipping Options do you offer?
Continental USA:

 - FedEx Ground or UPS Ground: Reliable, economical 1-5 day delivery.
 - FedEx Express Saver or UPS 3 Day Select: Afternoon delivery, third business day
 - FedEx 2Day or UPS 2 Day Air: Afternoon delivery, second business day
 - FedEx Overnight or UPS Next Day Air: Afternoon delivery, next business day

Please note that we may use UPS, USPS, or Fedex equivalent services if it better meets the customer's needs. For example; You may select Fedex Express Saver (3 day service) at the checkout, but we may determine that USPS Express Mail has better (and just as fast or faster) service to your area.

You can get a shipping cost estimate by inputting your address while looking at the shopping cart or checkout. You can continue to make changes to shipping all the way up until you finalize the order (when you click on the "Place order" button). This way you can see the shipping speed and price options before you finalize the order.

We do not ship outside the continental USA.

When I place my order, how long will it take until it ships?
The vast majority of items go out same day as the order.  All orders should typically ship (leave our facilities) within two business days of us receiving the order. Weekends and holidays observed by Fedex or UPS do not count as business days.  

Our last Fedex and UPS pick-up of the day is 3:30 pm (East Coast time) so orders received after 3:00 pm will be processed on the following business day. We cannot typically ship on weekends.

 We are in the East Coast time zone, so if you place an order after 5:00 pm our time, we won't see it (receive it) until the next morning. So anything placed in the evening after 5:00pm is essentially the same as being received by us at 10:00am the next morning (except that it will be ahead of the other orders in line).

If you have a very specific date or a need to rush a shipment out the door, please call us, or send an e-mail letting us know about it. We will do our absolute best to expedite your order.  

If nothing is said about a due date we ship items out in the order they are received.

Occasionally we may partial ship from two different locations to get you your order faster. In this instance two partial order packages may arrive at different times. Do not panic, but wait until 24 hours has passed before calling us. Often the second package comes later the same day.

On very very rare occasions we do get backed up (i.e. a customer places a huge order momentarily depleting our stock), and may take longer than two business days to get items out. If this is the case we will do our best to notify you and offer you alternative options.

Please do not assume that if you order items a couple of days before Christmas and choose ground shipping that it will get to you on time.  

If you leave it late to order, we will do our best and try to rush it out.  In the last couple of days of the season, we have many last-minute order packages to ship and everyone is asking us to rush them out.  Choose an express shipping method so you aren't disappointed, since the shipping carriers (UPS, Fedex) are moving slower and making more mistakes during that time of year. 

When will I receive my order?
To determine the date we'll ship your order, allow 1 to 2 business days for order processing. For example, UPS Next Day Air will get your package to you the day after processing is complete.

With Ground shipping, this is only an estimated time range range, please see the map lower down for your specific shipping estimate.

 Please Note: Ground service from coast to coast can typically take 5 or 6 Business days and unfortunately is not a "guaranteed" speed of service (This is UPS and Fedex's rules, not ours). We typically ship from Philadelphia.

 If you want a "Guaranteed service level" (guaranteed delivery date) at a inexpensive shipping cost, use three day shipping. Three-day Shipping is typically only a little more than Ground, and does give a "guaranteed" delivery timeline.  


Approximate Ground Shipping Speed  

fedextimes.jpgDays are listed as " business days" which are Monday - Friday only.  Shipping companies rules state that weekends do not count toward shipping progress.

Fedex and UPS typically don't move any packages on National Holidays (and offer partial service near those days too.). Those holidays do not count towards "business days" in transit. Please note that we will also experience limited pick-ups from shipping companies on some of the days preceding the end of year holidays (that are not listed in the schedule below).

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current global pandemic, shipping companies are experiencing increased demand at the same time as decreased capacity. We at Planetsanta are still shipping orders on-time, however you may want to order early in order to avoid the Thanskgiving through Christmas shipping rush.

How much does it cost to ship your products?
Pricing for the shipping options is calculated in real-time using your address, shipment weight, and type of shipping you chose. This happens during checkout, and gives you the exact cost rather than an estimate.

You can get a shipping cost estimate by inputting your address while looking at the shopping cart or checkout. You can continue to make changes to shipping all the way up until you finalize the order (when you click on the "Place order" button). This way you can see the shipping speed and price options before you finalize the order.

Fair pricing policy: We only charge what the shipping companies charge us to send the merchandise to your location. We do not mark this up!

The shippers charge more to ship to rural areas and even more to deliver to residences, so if you have an alternate shipping address, keep this in mind.

Can I track my order on it's way to me?

Yes, you can. Please ensure that you input your correct e-mail address when checking out. This way the FedEx online shipping system can notify you by e-mail when we ship your order.  This way you receive an e-mail message from Fedex giving you detailed tracking info.

This system gives you real time information on your shipment. Please note this e-mail is not sent to you until a couple of hours after the package leaves our facility (that evening). 

In addition, if you create a username within our system you can log back in and further track your package and reprint invoices and simplify other tasks.

You will also receive two e-mails from us during the order process. 

  1. You will receive one confirming receipt of your order.  At that point your order will be listed as "processing".  
  2. When your order ships out from our facilities, another e-mail is generated listing the order as "shipped". This e-mail will include a link to the tracking number. 

Please bear in mind that often this number is only just assigned by us, and your product has not even been picked up by the Fedex truck yet. So if you try and track it right away in the first hour or two, it may read "not yet received by Fedex" or something along those lines. Give it an hour and once Fedex picks the package up and the Fedex computer updates, it will show up in their system. 

Can you ship to APO and Armed Forces Boxes?
As a US manufacturer and a US company, we want to support our troops wherever they are stationed.

Due to the fact that our our online system sometimes has trouble computing shipping properly for APO shipments, we will manually process an APO / military box order for you  In this case, call us at 215-399-0075 or email (contact the elves link below) us what products you want to buy and your address. We will contact you to review the order.  We then offer several secure options for payment.

Do you ship internationally? 

We only ship within the continental US.