American made velvet Santa suit
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Planetsanta American-Made Classic Velvet Santa Suit

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Reviews: 3
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Made in America with superior US-made materials and quality craftsmanship. Brand new design with lots of improvements.     

  • $779.95
Only 2 left in stock. If a size is out of stock, it will ship the first week of July

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We are currently making more inventory of this suit in all sizes.

We anticipate those suits will be shipping early July 2024.

If you order now, you are at the front of the line and are guaranteed a suit.

This is an exclusive limited-run product. Once inventory runs out, it will be out of stock for a while.

Introducing our 100% American-Made Classic Velvet Santa suit!

This is not the same suit as the Classic-Look Velvet Santa Suit... it is very different.

This is a top quality suit that is designed by us at Planetsanta and tailored in the United States from American made fabrics, and materials.  

Read the details below to learn the difference and click on the image to see high resolution details.


  • Made from the softest Upholstery grade German Style Silk Polyester Velvet-rated for 100,000+ double rubs. This fabric is a true woven material and NOT a flocked velvet. Softer and more durable than anything else on the market.  This suit looks like a well dressed Santa Claus.
  • Real functional 6 solid Brass reindeer buttons with 3D reindeer motif.  Uniform-grade buttons are made in the USA. Click on images for details.
  • 4 five-inch wide belt loops to better keep your belt straight and in line (versus the industry standard of 2 loops).
  • Snug Parade Cuff - elasticated inner cuff to prevent "gapping" and showing skin in between your coat and gloves. Doesn't allow for sleeve to drop when waiving during your entrance or in the parade.
  • Luxurious high quality synthetic white long hair trim made from new eco-friendly fur from American textile mills that use eco-friendly machines to reduce waste and harmful chemicals to our environment.  This is a very dense faux fur.
  • 6 inches of plush fur on all trim edges to give a rich look. This fur needs less brushing and won't look stringy or matted.
  • Unique shaped "Peter Pan" style long faux fur collar with wedding grade satin underlay.
  • The suit is fully lined with top quality wedding grade red satin for comfort and ease of putting on.
  • This suit is comfortable to wear due to the satin lining.  The lining prevents sweating through the suit.


  • 8 inch zipper fly with flap cover and large button at the top to allow for easier restroom breaks and ease of putting pants on.  Zipper isn't visible when wearing the coat.
  • Pants with 2 side pockets.
  • Pants have elastic stirrups to help keep your pants in your boots.


  • Hat size fits a wide range of heads with or without a wig. 24 inches with elastic stretching up to 26.5" for over a wig.
  • Longer hat with large matching fur Pom-Pom for a better look.


  • Naugahyde bound and backed belt with eyelets, and with a nicer quality heavy stamped decorative metal buckle. Sized to suit size.

Patterned and designed for Santa sized men.

Perfect weight suit that looks great without being overly heavy or hot.

Includes: Jacket, pants, hat, and belt (Does not include boot tops or boots)
Note: Some pictures show the suit with our Wide Top Santa Boots, large deluxe bell, white gloves, Velvet vest, or other accessories (none of these are included).


Available in three sizes:

  • Medium (19 inch neck, max 52 inch chest, max 54 inch belly). Sleeve length is 25inches.  Pants measure 44" at the waist fully stretched, 36" length. Hips measures 48"
  • Large - 20 inch neck, 56 inch chest, 58 inch belly). Sleeve Length is 25 1/2 inches.  Pants measure 48" at waist fully stretched, 38" length.  Hip measures 54"
  • XL (21 inch neck, up to 62 inch chest, up to 62 inch belly). Sleeve Length is 25 1/2 inches.  Pants measure 52" at waist fully stretched, 38" length. Hip measures 58"

These measurements are cloth tape measurement sizes, not clothing sizes.

Santa sizing is different, do not assume because you wear XXXL in street clothes, you need an XXXL in Santa size.

When taking all measurements, make sure the tape measure is loose enough for comfort. 

If your belly is larger than your chest or waist, take that into account.

If in doubt, please measure yourself with a tape measure and contact us.  Remember to keep the tape measure loose when measuring.  Use the link at the bottom of this page, or call us on the phone at 1-833-BE-SANTA.  We are happy to help you select the correct size.

This quality of US -made suit sells for 3-5 times the price elsewhere, and is better quality than many of the custom suits found on the market.

This product is not eligible for coupon discounts.

Customer reviews
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4.67 (Votes: 3)
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  • Thursday, June 27, 2024, 03:30:46 PM
    This suit is amazingly good quality. I particularly appreciate the sewing level since it is made in the US. The only reason I took one star off, is that my size was listed as back ordered and took a week for them to make more in my size. I realize that this is probably petty, but I got nervous. At the end of the day, it arrived in time, and i love it!
  • Wednesday, July 26, 2023, 12:03:43 PM
    This is a substantial upgrade to the other classic suit that they offer. The materials are so much nicer and the sewing is really good. It seems to fit me better. This is as good as a suit can get without spending thousands of dollars.
  • Friday, June 9, 2023, 08:10:45 AM
    All I can say is wow! I own two Planetsanta suits including the original button front one.This one is head and shoulders better than that one.The velvet feels great and the fur is so thick. I also own an Adeles suit and this is as nice quality as it for a third of the price. I highly recommend this suit. Good job Planetsanta!

Product questions

  • Daniel Resto
    Tuesday, July 4, 2023, 10:15:43 PM

    What are the differences / improvements between this suit and the suit that looks very similar and sells for $349?

    Head Elf
    Wednesday, July 17, 2024, 01:56:59 PM

    Our new suit is 100% American made suit from a woven velvet fabric.
    The velvet has passed several durability tests to be qualified as an upholstery grade material.
    This means it will not wear out.
    The design/style of the suits are the similar, but the American made is much better quality.

    The other one - the Planetsanta Classic-Look Velvet Santa Suit is a Chinese made product from a flocked velvet- this means that the flocking will eventually wear off as the pants/ arms rub together.
    The Chinese suit is a lesser level of construction since it is mass produced versus this item is hand-made one at a time in the USA.
    The Chinese suit is still a great suit and we sell out of it every year.
    Lots of Santas love the Chinese suit, but more serious Santas who have the budget get this US made suit due to the better materials and construction methods.

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