About us

Planetsanta was established in 1997 as a sister company to a Philadelphia costume and uniform company with over 100 years of expertise in design, fit, manufacturing, and retail. Planetsanta does more than just stock and sell the best Santa costumes available, we create Santa’s wardrobe with enthusiasm. We innovate and design your total look, to help you focus on the joy and excitement of being Santa. At Planetsanta, we know that Santa brings more than gifts; Santa brings warmth and cheer!

Planetsanta is one of the largest sources of Santa suits and accessories in the world. Our home base in Philadelphia has warehousing, manufacturing, and design facilities. We also maintain stock in several warehouses in the U.S. to ensure a proper level of inventory for our customers.

Planetsanta is a family run small business with people who have been working with Santas for many years. While Planetsanta is a major Santa Claus supplier, we still offer great customer service, humans answering the phone, and are people who care about your happiness.

At Planetsanta we have the ability to dress all types of Santas. Whether you are Santa just once a year for your family, or you are Santa representing your city in a televised parade, our elves can help. Our service and quality of products keep us on the Good List. Just ask around.

Planetsanta shares Santa’s enthusiasm for spreading delight and merriment. We are familiar with the art of character transformation. When you buy from Planetsanta, you work with people who Believe that Santa embodies the spirit of Christmas.